So how does this work? Tell me more.

Does the hint of spring in the air have you excited to get outside and get moving? It might be just the right time to try running for fitness and recreation! Are you looking for some support and friendship on your journey? Perhaps even some accountability, helpful coaching and encouragement to complete your first 5k? Moms on the Run can help you train for your very first race or improve your speed, endurance and fitness level as a runner, all while having fun with new friends!

Minnesota is the original home of Moms on the Run, which has now branched out into 27 locations in 3 states in the last 5 years. Read on to find out what makes MOTR unique and why it is growing so fast!

Why is Moms on the Run different?
Unlike other exercise classes, we combine an effective workout program with a fun and supportive social environment. And unlike other running clubs, we offer an educational structure and interval programs that cater to all levels, even those who are brand new to running. Our tagline ‘Fitness, Fun, & Friendship’ really does ring true. For most women the desire to get in shape is what brings them to the group, but it is the bonds and friendships developed along the way that really keep them involved and help them be successful. To find out how MOTR is different this year than in past years, please read on to the next blog.

How is class structured?
The class involves around 30 minutes of cardiovascular interval work preceded by a dynamic warm-up and followed by a walking cool-down. Strength training and stretching exercises finish out the class hour for toning and injury prevention.The structured progression of intervals is a safe, gradual way to build up endurance for running a 5k.

What if I’ve never run before?
Moms on the Run is designed just for you! Our beginner program is really aimed at ladies who have never run before (or have been away from running for some time). The 18-week program progresses slowly, starting with manageable run/walk intervals and progressing over the summer to a full 5k. Each runner is encouraged to go her own pace and take things at her own speed.

How does the program work with runners at different speeds?  There are a variety of workout schedules available and each participant is encouraged to run at her own pace. Don’t worry, there will likely be someone who shares your pace. We all start running at the same time and turn around after the same number of intervals; this allows us to all finish as a group as well. The interval structure encourages runners to increase their speed, while the distance training option improves endurance as the season progresses.

How can I get involved?
Visit for more information. On the website you can choose the city and program in which you are interested in participating. Spring registration is currently open with an early bird discount through April 5th.

Aim to Maintain: the MOTR Healthy Holidays Challenge is Back!

This time of year it’s a fact:  Red and green tin foil wrappers make chocolate consumption mandatory in the name of being festive.  And a workout is sure hard to squeeze in on a day that already holds a school concert, dance recital, and family holiday gathering… all at the same time!  Back by popular demand from last year, here’s your solution for accountability this season.

EVERYONE is welcome to participate, MOTR membership is not required.  This includes men, although they may have to give up their prize to a lady :).

Here’s how to participate:

Step 1:  Find the Facebook post announcing this contest and share with the world that you want in!

Step 2:  Get a tracking spreadsheet from your local franchise owner. If you are new to MOTR or do not know who this is, please contact

Step 3:   Record your weight on November 21st or whatever date you start. This is for your information only. Your goal is to earn points for healthy lifestyle activities and to maintain this weight over the next five weeks. (Let’s get real and save those weight loss goals for January!)

Step 4:  Post a comment each Wednesday with your weekly points under the challenge check-in post. Watch for these November 28, December 5, 12 and 19. (If you don’t get to it Wednesday it’s okay to check in later in the week.)

Step 5:  Take your weight between Dec. 26 and 28 and post your total points by Dec. 28. Everyone who made it to 125 points will be entered in a drawing to win a MOTR and “There She Goes” Prize pack, details below. An additional prize will go to our top scorer! MOTR coaches are welcome to participate. I will participate too, and if I win somebody owes me a prize… Invite your friends! More prizes awarded for more participants!

Here’s how to get points! The following activities are all worth one point each:

~ 10 minutes of cardiovascular exercise (this could be a brisk walk, gym machine, run outside, etc.)
~ 10 minutes of strength training
~ 5 servings of fruits and veggies in a day
~ Make it through a day without sweets.
~ 8+ glasses of water in a day
~ 7+ hours of sleep in a night

~BONUS POINT OPPORTUNITIES! Check in with us on facebook regularly; there just may be bonus point categories! :)

Add 10 points at the end if you maintained your weight!*

*If you are underweight or pregnant and it is medically recommended for you to gain weight, you can still get the bonus points if your weight goes up as it should.

Holiday Prize Packs, each worth almost $200!

The more participants we have, the more we’ll give away!

brought to you by Moms On The Run and There She Goes

* $50 cash  *Pullover or jacket from the Moms on the Run          (style availability varies by size)

* Cute Armwarmers, Headband and Socks set from There She Goes

* MOTR charm necklace with sterling pendants on leather cord. 



Who’s in?!*

*Please note that facebook is no longer giving much screen time to business pages!  If you want to see all of our posts related to the challenge it is important to hover your mouse over the “like” button on our page and select not only “show in news feed” but also “add to interest lists.”  Then create an Interest List (you’ll have to name it). To make sure all of our posts are showing up in your news feed, select that Interest List on your home page on the bottom left.


Do I really need to lift weights?

Many women will skimp on the strength training portion of their workout routine. Sometimes it may be because they have a fear of getting bulky, or sometimes it may be because they think they need to get rid of the fat first before they can appreciate any muscle tone. The problem with either of these trains of thought is that 1) strength training as you age is necessary just to maintain the muscle you already have, and 2) strength training is a highly effective tool in helping with the fat loss.

Strength training is not optional if you want to:
~prevent age-related muscle loss
~prevent a slowing metabolic rate as you get older
~lose fat instead of just muscle in a diet program
~stay strong as you age for daily living activities
~prevent injuries from your running/other exercise activities
~reduce your risk of osteoporosis, arthritis or diabetes
~burn more calories each day!

If you are new to lifting weights, start with one exercise for each muscle group just twice a week. You can get this done in just about 10 minutes! Consider joining a group exercise program such as Moms On The Run Boot Camp or hiring a qualified trainer to help you develop a safe and effective routine.

Inspiring Mom: Katie Stringer

 Here is Katie’s story. Thank you Katie for sharing your success with us! 

 I have always struggled with my weight. In high school I was a size 12/14 which I maintained through college. I have never played sports and after college, living on my own I began to gradually put on weight. In the summer of 2005 I met my husband and by the time we were married I weighed 225 pounds and was a size 18. We were both from Illinois and he had taken a job in a Minnesota. I was homesick and quickly added another 30 pounds. When I got pregnant with our first daughter I started my pregnancy weighing about 255 pounds and gained 30 pounds with the pregnancy.  I lost the pregnancy weight, but quickly found out 7months later I was pregnant again. I had my 2nd daughter in November of 2010 and in early January of 2011 I began Weight Watchers. In the spring of that year I heard about Moms on the Run and was thrilled to hear about such a club and immediately signed up!

To date I have lost 88 pounds with 13 more to lose, for a total weight loss of 101 pounds! This would put me in the normal range for my height and give me a healthy BMI.

In the 18 months since I began my weight loss journey I have realized I can’t do it alone. I look forward to seeing my fellow mom runners and the friends I have made at my Weight Watchers meetings. I have tried diets in the past and they work for awhile, but my commitment would slowly fade away. The biggest change this time has been my commitment to exercise and joining “Moms on the Run.” For a non-athlete to become a runner at age 31 is amazing to me. I have run several 5ks and I am training for a half marathon in November. I am a stay-at-home mom and during nap time everyday I life weights and have arms that I am proud to show off in a tank top.

I finally look like the person on the outside that I always felt like on the inside!

Beginnermediates, the Speedster & the Caboose

We have a growing group of women in the program who are calling themselves “beginner-mediates.”

It’s a fun term, and expresses just one example of the broad spectrum of fitness levels we are trying to reach in our program.

MOTR may have two specific interval schedules we offer, but we certainly don’t have just “two levels” of customers.  Let me introduce you to the Beginnermediates, the Speedster and the Caboose…and everything in between!


We know that for all our runners who feel they fall somewhere “in between” levels it can be challenging to pick the appropriate workout. When in doubt, at this point in the season it’s better to play it safe and follow the learn-to-run schedule, allowing yourself to run some of the “assigned” walking intervals.  The schedules are meant to create a structure but not to enforce rigid guidelines.  If you are questioning how much you should be walking/jogging/running/sprinting at this point, please talk to your coach. We are here to help! We want to give you some suggestions on how to make the workout just right for you personally. Also let us know what your goals are, because “improving your metabolism” may result in a different workout than “running your fastest 5k.”

Learn to Run modifications and The Caboose

The same flexibility goes for everyone in the learn to run program. We are so proud of you for taking a big leap of faith and joining us wherever you are at with your fitness level this spring.  Perhaps at times you will need your own plan…maybe the schedule says 2 minutes of jogging and you are feeling like 30 seconds is the challenge you need right now. That’s okay! Talk to your coach to see what she recommends.

I want to give a special pat on the back today to the “caboose!” I didn’t make that up; I visited a class last year and met a friendly gal with a great attitude who called herself the caboose for bringing up the rear at each and every class.  If this is you – You are not alone!

We have 15 locations now and each and every one of them will have a “caboose.” You are probably all about the same pace, and will find each other at some of our metro-wide events if you are in the Twin Cities. Hang in there! You are an integral part of our team and we want to help you along to your personal best.

The Speedster

And then there’s that one gal up front that us instructors can’t even keep up with! We call her the speedster and there’s usually one of these in every city too. You are an inspiration to your team, and yes to your coaches as well! We know you’ll be off having to personally push yourself through some of the tough intervals, but are thankful to have you with us for the warm-up and cool-down and love that you are out here experiencing Fitness, Fun & Friendship with us! We want to encourage you in any way we can so let us know how we can help.

We are one team!  Encouraging each other benefits everyone.   Speedster and Caboose: you have more in common than you think! Cheer along  your teammates as they improve each week, no matter what level they are at.   This keeps the energy and momentum to keep going higher for everyone.