Returning to Fitness Postpartum

Moms On The Run has a prenatal and postnatal fitness specialist, Laura Polikowsky. Here is what Laura has to say!

Q: I had a baby six weeks ago and my doctor has given me the OK to resume exercise again, now what?

A: Congratulations, now we just need to find some time for you to exercise! As we know the sleep habits of a newborn can leave you barely enough time to get yourself fed let alone squeeze in a workout. If you are lucky enough to live in a climate where a walk outside is possible I suggest you begin there. Start with a short 20 minute walk to see how your body and the baby respond. If all is well continue to increase the length and speed of your walk. If you would like to begin running and your body feels ready, utilize an interval program such as Moms On The Run to progress slowly into running.

If the weather is not conducive to walking outside and your child likes the car seat, consider taking them to the gym with you. Most gym based child care centers will not take children until they are 3 months old but until then they can go on the workout floor with you. If you time it right they may sleep in the car seat the entire time you are on the elliptical or bike. Other moms place their babies into the baby carrier and workout on the elliptical or treadmill with the baby strapped on. If you choose this method make sure your posture is fantastic and your baby does not get too warm.