Do I really need to lift weights?

Many women will skimp on the strength training portion of their workout routine. Sometimes it may be because they have a fear of getting bulky, or sometimes it may be because they think they need to get rid of the fat first before they can appreciate any muscle tone. The problem with either of these trains of thought is that 1) strength training as you age is necessary just to maintain the muscle you already have, and 2) strength training is a highly effective tool in helping with the fat loss.

Strength training is not optional if you want to:
~prevent age-related muscle loss
~prevent a slowing metabolic rate as you get older
~lose fat instead of just muscle in a diet program
~stay strong as you ageĀ for daily living activities
~prevent injuries from your running/other exercise activities
~reduce your risk of osteoporosis, arthritis or diabetes
~burn more calories each day!

If you are new to lifting weights, start with one exercise for each muscle group just twice a week. You can get this done in just about 10 minutes! Consider joining a group exercise program such as Moms On The Run Boot Camp or hiring a qualified trainer to help you develop a safe and effective routine.

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